2000mw 532nm Adjustable Green Beam Laser Pointer Pen Burn Match

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Product Details

General Specs  
Type laser pointer
Material aluminum alloy
Switch location tail-cap
Range 1000m
Laser color green
Wavelenght 532nm
Battery Capacity 3.7V/2400mAh
Battery   1*18650 battery (included)
others adjustable, open-back, can burn match, packed in aluminum box
Made of high quality aluminium alloy.
comes out green beam laser light.
Adjustable focus and can burn match, cigarette.
Open-back style with switch button on tail part.
Powered by 1pcs 18650 battery.
Comes with a red anti-laser glasses.
The range can be up to 1000m.
Packed in a high quality aluminum box.
Visible for miles at night.

    Product Details (including package):
  • weight:712
  • size:23*16.5*6.5

Pack including:
1 × laser pointer
1 × Battery
1 × Glasses

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Is this really a 2000 Mw laser? I cant see the label and i want to make sure.

06/22/2011 by RyanAnswer now
  • Yes. ThanksAnswered on 07/26/2011 by Lazerpoint

what is the duty cycle of the 2w green laser?

06/27/2011 by drhAnswer now
  • Yes. ThanksAnswered on 07/26/2011 by Lazerpoint

is laser beam visually at day by sunbeam

07/01/2011 by marinero2Answer now
  • Yes, it can be visually at day by sunbeam. ThanksAnswered on 07/15/2011 by Lazerpoint

Do you mean it is visible during the day with the sun out i.e. I can clearly see the beam in bright sun light?

07/18/2011 by YarnamdorAnswer now
  • Yes, can be seen in bright sunlight. ThanksAnswered on 08/01/2011 by Lazerpoint

Is the Rear switch a Clicky ON-OFF, or momentary ON-OFF? Is the 2W peak or average power?

07/31/2011 by theflash12Answer now
  • It's just button, you need press down. Peak power. ThanksAnswered on 08/01/2011 by Lazerpoint

How long does one charged battery last with continuous use? Is the green laser stronger than the blue laser? As far as distance and the amount of divergence? Which charger can I use to charge battery? Is there an alternative longer lasting battery? Is the green laser smaller diameter beam than the blue laser? Is this laser really 2times stronger than the spyder 1 watt laser?

08/10/2011 by AaronAnswer now
  • It depends on the real behavior service. And color does not influence the power. For this product only 1 color. thanksAnswered on 08/20/2011 by Lazerpoint

Does this come with a charger and do trustfire 18650 batteries work with this?

09/13/2011 by JustinAnswer now
  • It is without a battery charger, can work with 18650 battery. ThanksAnswered on 10/21/2011 by Lazerpoint

i received the 2w grn laser but can't find a battery charger for it. do you offer a charger for it or a referral where i might find one?

12/15/2011 by drhAnswer now
  • Dear customer, After checking, we noticed the 18650 battery charger is suitale for item LP452X.Please note it. Thanks.Answered on 12/26/2011 by Lazerpoint

what type of charger is recommended for this?

01/16/2012 by TylerMasonAnswer now
  • Pls find SKU 4658820 fyr. ThanksAnswered on 01/17/2012 by Lazerpoint

is 2000mw the peak power? what does the mw stable out at?

05/14/2012 by Jackhb5Answer now
  • Yes, 2000mw is the peak power for green laser. ThanksAnswered on 05/18/2012 by Lazerpoint

Average Rating:4.5 See all 12 customer reviews

Strong beam
Posted by CarlosVenegas on 06/21/2013

Laser beam strong reaching long distance! Great product, recommend it highly!

Was this review helpful to you? Yes(10) No(2)10 of 12 people found this review helpful.
Light the cigaretter and burns balloon
Posted by Santiag on 06/21/2013

It's amazing, which can light the cigarette within 2-3 seconds and burns balloon lightning!

Was this review helpful to you? Yes(10) No(2)10 of 12 people found this review helpful.
Posted by ThermalTub55 on 11/11/2013

This laser is very powerful!!!! Definitely worth the money.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes(8) No(1)8 of 9 people found this review helpful.
Awesome and powerful!!
Posted by incognito on 09/18/2013

The best of all laser I have right now (got 4)If you want to feel like a jedi and point it clearly at very long distance I recommand to buy that one!! You can easily burn things and pop baloons etc! Focuser is very nice quality the laser in general is awesome! Green laser are the best for long range and look, blue for burning! Dont hesitate buy it!

Was this review helpful to you? Yes(8) No(2)8 of 10 people found this review helpful.
See all 12 customer reviews

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